Aarhus International Galla 2006
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Aarhus International Galla 2006

Aarhus International Galla 2006

Denmark - Aarhus

Friday, 24 November 2006

Aarhus International Galla is a regular dancesport event.

NRGi Arena
Aarhus, 8000
Stadion Allé 70

Organised by:
Aarhus Dancesport Association, Niels-Arne Baden
Aarhus, 8000
Atletion, Team Denmark Center, entrance B
Stadion Allé 68

Amateur Rising Star Standard Amateur Ballroom 24 Nov 2006
Junior II Standard Junior Ballroom 24 Nov 2006
Juvenile Standard Juvenile Ballroom 24 Nov 2006
Youth Standard Youth Ballroom 24 Nov 2006
Amateur Rising Star Latin Amateur Latin 24 Nov 2006
Junior I Latin Junior Latin 24 Nov 2006
Junior II Latin Junior Latin 24 Nov 2006
Juvenile Latin Juvenile Latin 24 Nov 2006
IDSF World Amateur Standard Amateur Ballroom 25 Nov 2006
IDSF Open Latin Amateur Latin 25 Nov 2006
Youth Latin Youth Latin 25 Nov 2006