Results from Crystal Leaf 2007 - IDSF Senior I Standard Friday, 16 March 2007
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Crystal Leaf 2007
Canada - Toronto Friday, 16 March 2007

IDSF Senior I Standard Friday, 16 March 2007


1  Michael Heinen & Sylvia Heinen Germany
2  Xingmin Lu & Katerina Lu (aka Muller) USA
3  Luc Richer & Suzie Maille Canada
4  Walter Valenta & Irmtraud Maurer Austria
5  Lonny Tsang & Susie Tsang USA
6  Andre Plante & Suzanne Murray Canada
7  Serge Gingras & Lucie Pelletier Canada
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  Philip Lam & Kitty Lam Canada
  Pierre Legault & Lyne Villeneuve Canada
  Eugene Pirko & Zuzana Salai-Pirko (aka Vajcenfeld) Canada
  Richard Stahl & Francine Poissant Canada
  Samuel Tam & Angela Fia Yung-lee Canada
  Yves Verret & Agathe Geoffrion Canada


  Daniel Benjamin & Marjolaine Lagace Canada
  John Choi & Margaret Law Canada
  Yuri Grinev & Anabeth De Castro Canada
  Stephen Kwong & Betty Kwong Canada
  Jean-François Rousseau & Nathalie Ladouceur Canada

Round 1 (top 25)

  Richard Berthiaume & Manon Parisien Canada
  Wayne Jackson & Sheila Jackson Canada
  Paul Lee & Kit Yee Tam Canada
  Gaetan Lessard & Lyne Lessard Canada
  Benoit Mineau & Suzanne Breton Canada
  Yvon Poudrier & Rejeanne Hamel Canada
  Daniel Trudeau & France Durand Canada
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{5} & {8}

{9} Couple, currently dancing for {10}