Results from United Kingdom Closed Championships - United Kingdom Over 50s Ballroom Championship Sunday, 13 July 2003
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United Kingdom Closed Championships
England - Bournemouth Friday, 11 July 2003

United Kingdom Over 50s Ballroom Championship Sunday, 13 July 2003


1  Kevin Spencer & Jean Wardrope England
2  Allan Taylor & Julie Taylor England
3  Bill Douglas & Michelle Gandolfi England
4  Norman Large & Christine Large England
5  Tony Jolly & Margaret Jolly England
6  Lawrence Pearson & Irene Jolley England
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  Bill Ballinger & Heather Ballinger England
  Chris Ellerker & Barbara Ellerker England
  Richard Linaker & Julia Linaker England
  Thomas Morton & Kay Morton Scotland
  Bob Sampson & Jenny Sampson (aka Bowman) England
  Paul Sanderson & Sonya Sanderson England
  Ted Selby & Jean Selby England
  Robert Smith & Sally Smith England


  John Bristow & Sandra Bristow England
  Frank Byrne & Angela Byrne England
  David Corfield & Mary Corfield England
  Terry Eason & Janet Eason England
  Derek Goddard & Marigold Simpson England
  Barry Jewiss & Christine Jewiss England
  Peter Larman & Joyce Larman England
  Adrian Lucas & Jill Lucas England
  Ronald Martin & Janet Martini England
  Barry Parker & Catherine Parker England
  Frank Sedgwick & Dawn Sedgwick England
  Ray Soffe & Marje Soffe England
  John Tomsett & June Tomsett England
  David Turner & Jan Turner England
  Michael Webley & Renee Webley England
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