Results from West Midlands Championships - Open Foxtrot Sunday, 06 September 2009
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West Midlands Championships
England - Dudley Sunday, 06 September 2009

Open Foxtrot Sunday, 06 September 2009


1  Mark Elsbury & Olga Elsbury England
2  Lawrence James & Aimie Leak England
3  Martin Bird & Sarah Bird (aka Ward-Jones) England
4  Ian Fahey & Beata Inglot-Celewicz England
5  Alexander Whyatt & Jennifer Norris England
6  Ian Saville & Linda Chatterley England
7  Tabari Salmon & Sophie Mccoy England
8  Piero Stillitano & Caroline Malkinson England
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9  John Campbell & Terri-Jo Moore England

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{5} & {8}

{9} Couple, currently dancing for {10}