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Letizia Ingrosso

Dancer details

Letizia is from Italy

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Current partnership

Letizia Ingrosso is currently dancing with Marco Cavallaro for Italy as Professional See profile page

First partnership recorded

Letizia's first partnership recorded in our database is with Andrea Zaramella. They started dancing together in 1998 (July) for Italy as Junior This partnership ended in 2011 (August). See profile page

Partnerships History

Marco Cavallaro

01 Sep 2011 -

Recorded 33 results in Professional Ballroom
Recorded 23 results in Amateur Ballroom

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Andrea Zaramella

31 Jul 1998 - 01 Aug 2011

Recorded 172 results in Amateur Ballroom
Recorded 16 results in Youth Ballroom
Recorded 1 results in Junior Ballroom

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