Stefano Di Filippo - press release

Stefano Di Filippo - press release

Posted on Wednesday, 22 Dec 2010, 12:00 by killbill
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Dear friends of the Dancing World,

I chose to speak to all of you in this great world of dance that we share, by using the most direct means of communication. Like all of us, at times we can feel like "hanging our shoes up" and stopping dancing, because maybe we reach a plateau, or find problems in our partnership, cost, or some other problem.

However, if you really want you can always find a way around the problem, everything is possible, real and valid!

But I believe it is not acceptable or valid to be put into a difficulty or problem by the choices and decisions of someone else, which is motivated by politics and power and not about dance.

In particular I am talking about the ban on dancing the biggest competitions in the world which are run in England such as the U.K, BRITISH and INTERNATIONAL Championships . For dancers they are, and have always been, something to build for and gauge your success throughout your career.

Recently I have been pressured not to dance in U.K. Competitions, and when on one occasion Olga and I were allowed to dance in England from our Federation, we found we have to suffer financial consequences after dancing !!??!!

When we danced recently in the International final, we enjoyed the experience so much and felt rejuvenated again as a dancer . Being surrounded once more by all the worlds top competitors and judges after our enforced isolation over the previous six month, felt great!!!

What was curios was the many compliments and praise offered by the worlds dancers, teachers, and judges, which was in sharp contrast to the silence and isolation shown to us after, by our Italian federation. I am not saying that all U.K. Competitions are great and all overseas competitions are bad, I am simply saying individually, we have the god given right in the year 2011 to decide for ourselves where and when we dance, and no one should be able to take that personal right to choose away from us.

I am who I am today as a result of my experiences over the last years in both I.D.S.F. and U.K. Competitions, and I value both equally, and feel as a dancer we should be able to compete in both and not have to concern ourselves with politics ! This letter is open to all of you to think about your position in this situation as we all are at moment. I would feel very bad if in the future, if more of you are placed under the same pressure I have been over the last year, which has obligated me to take the decision which sees me leaving the Italian Federation, and the country I love so much.

It is with a heavy heart I find myself out of F.I.D.S. and i will not return back until my freedom and the general goodwill and fairness returns to the Italian dance system. This is not just about me, I believe in a fair open system which is for all of us, in every country and every federation!

I am a dancer who strongly believes in the rules of the Olympic sport system, but I don't understand at all, a sport without democracy .

Your Sincerely
Stefano Di Filippo

PS. My thanks goes to all the websites and papers that publish this in attempt to make our dance world a better place... ....enough is enough... !!!

wbogacka Wednesday, 13 Apr 2011, 19:33
Austrian Senior Sunday, 02 Jan 2011, 23:32

Congratulations! The Dancing World needs personalities as Stefano Di Filippo!

sambadancer Sunday, 02 Jan 2011, 14:15

I am sorry Stefano this makes NO sense, just like all open letter about this subject. Whats the point? It surly doesn't help the fight between the federations, actually its worst they defend them self even more. Whats your point of posting this to the hole world? It seem very clear to gain some extra point for the upcoming competitions of the other side you changed to.

In generally it is not possible to have it all. You where happy with the support and financial support you have gotten from the FIDS & IDSF and now just change sites ? All a bit strange to me. Anyway best of luck as for me i think you suited the IDSF very well with your dance style a lot more than the WDC Professional.

johnfam Sunday, 02 Jan 2011, 12:13

Dear Stefano, I cannot understand your grouses especially when you say that you believe in the Olympic Sports system and at the same time you say you cannot understand a sport without democracy. You have been with IDSF you know that IDSF is committed to sports, by that there are certain rules and regulations that needs to be followed. That rules without going into details is the spirit of the Olympic Charter, fair play and following the anti doping code. Whilst you are in IDSF you have seen how these rules has been used to ensure the sport of dance or Dancesport are being managed by IDSF and their various commission.

Knowing how IDSF works, you say you do not understand "sport without democracy". What are you saying Stefano? If you cannot follow sporting rules get out of FIDS and IDSF no one is stopping you. You are only being dishonest with yourself to now cry foul on FIDS or IDSF. The fact that you are leaving FIDS or IDSF is that not testimony that you have the Freedom to leave and do what you want to. 

You talk of the UK Championship, ask yourself are they committed to sports. Are their judging system a fair one, do they adopt the anti doping code. Look at the Championship at Blackpool at the Winter Gardens. It is a fantastic Festival with a great history let it continue to be so. It is a happy festival set in a Leisure Park atmosphere. We have been entertained by many great dancers from Blackpool and hope that many more will come in the future.

Stefano, WDC has promoted Freedom to Dance, good for them and no one is stopping you. Just like FIDS and IDSF are sports body committed to the Olympic Spirit, they also have rules to follow, if you cannot accept their rules get out! You are complaining is because you want to have the best of both world, unfortunately Stefano, this is not the way it works.

Finally Stefano, you come from a football crazy country, FIFA has banned Brunei (the country) from any FIFA matches because that country saw it fit to remove its member without FIFA's knowledge and replace it with one selected by the KIngdom of Brunei. Tell that to Sepp Blatter that he is a dictator.

Good luck to you Stefano and there really is no point crying over spilt milk and I look forward to see you dance in Blackpool.  



donovan Tuesday, 28 Dec 2010, 03:49

I didn't get the impression that Stefano was retiring from competitive dancing altogether. From my reading of the statement, Stefano is just going to stop dancing in FIDS (the Italian branch of IDSF) and start dancing in the WDC Professional League instead. 

donovan Tuesday, 28 Dec 2010, 03:49

I didn't get the impression that Stefano was retiring from competitive dancing altogether. From my reading of the statement, Stefano is just going to stop dancing in FIDS (the Italian branch of IDSF) and start dancing in the WDC Professional League instead. 

donovan Tuesday, 28 Dec 2010, 03:49

I didn't get the impression that Stefano was retiring from competitive dancing altogether. From my reading of the statement, Stefano is just going to stop dancing in FIDS (the Italian branch of IDSF) and start dancing in the WDC Professional League instead. 

faluvegia Monday, 27 Dec 2010, 23:55

I think everybody regrets Your retirement, which was coused by two organizations :  IDSF  and WDC. Your statement should be an alert for  both of them to resume their policies, which can lead  or already led to the decrease of the nr. of competitors, from which they both live. 

vividjane Monday, 27 Dec 2010, 21:23

Good luck are going to need it! But you have your self respect and integrity intact. I genuinely hope that your career is not adversely affected and i wish there were more dancers in the world who would stand up and voice their objections to the politics and corruption that are so apparent in the sport globally.

craig Sunday, 26 Dec 2010, 21:56

Stefano is bold and brave to take a stand like is doing. This sacrifice is for the greater good for all dancers and marks him as a great leader as well.

shaungaspi Saturday, 25 Dec 2010, 13:55

I really hope I see you dance in the future!

shaungaspi Saturday, 25 Dec 2010, 13:54

Dear Stefano,

You have truly been an inspiration to my direction in dancing. I have watched all your videos and will never stop watching them.

What you have done takes alot of courage and sacrifice for your career. I hope it will pay off.

Best wishes

Shaun (Australia)

honest man Saturday, 25 Dec 2010, 09:12

Dear Stefano,


I think it takes a lot of courage for you to stand up and make this statement i know you have had a long successful career with the IDSF and you have a lot of respect for your teachers who are heavily involved in the FIDS!! But it is time to think about your happiness and what you as a dancer want!!


This is a huge loss for the IDSF but unfortunately the FIDS has created this problem themselves and im sure many more will follow suit! Maybe this wake up call will make Italy and Russia stand up and realise there bullying policies wont work anymore!!!


Good luck Stefano

Merry Christmas



danceandfreedom Saturday, 25 Dec 2010, 08:03

I wish that dancesport was based purely on talent rather than politics. It's very hard when so many organizations are fighting over the money in dancing.

People are saddened and shocked and have commented about this.

Even mainstream media covered this.

Who thinks that Stefano will be able to compete again?

Snieguolyte Friday, 24 Dec 2010, 23:22

Dear Stefano,


thank you so much for this wonderful letter...i hope more dancers will follow your steps and make the decision to join federation and completions that are free from restrictions...

thank you once again for your strength to speak up and even more to act...

you are the star

snieguole wood

20078 Friday, 24 Dec 2010, 22:10

its simple ...............

11 judges from 11 different countries all english comps.

thats all we need.

NavyBee Thursday, 23 Dec 2010, 23:32

BRAVO for your courage and for openly publishing your well-balanced personal opinion.

win Thursday, 23 Dec 2010, 14:42
arubarb Thursday, 23 Dec 2010, 02:16

Dearest SpikSpan...

Did it ever occur to you that when these "certain" couple take lessons from "certain" judges and "magically" receive better results, that that

is a genuine accomplishment?! Sure not everybody can afford to travel to these great competitions and have lessons with these great

teachers/judges.. but did you ever maybe think that when they are having a lesson they learn what that certain teachers views and opinion

on their dancing is..then they are also taught/learn that certain teachers style of dance!.. i mean think about it!! if that judge does not

believe in the style of dance or product of which he/she is teaching who else will!?!..I'm sure not only the "British" judges believe in that

principle. maybe think that that judge has had the time of day to examine and appreciate the quality of dance the couple is showing.. at

the end of the day it is important to remember that Ballroom dancing IS judged subjectively and on opinion... i don't see any IDSF or FIDS

competitions judged with a scorecard as is done in the Olympics!! i suppose when these couples go back to their respective countries

and receive a bad result, i feel sorry for them but i guess maybe those other judges don't recognize quality when they see it and perhaps are looking for some tricks or something.. :p


Ps. I am not biased to the IDSF or the WDC or the FIDS or any country and federation.. but biased i am for the dancer!! After all who is left when they all crumble and fall? ...THE DANCER IS!!!

dancer 007 Thursday, 23 Dec 2010, 01:36


OF COURSE your new decision is right. But...

...How about the means and the end? In other words, does the means always justify the end?

If my memory serves me correctly, YOU were the one who spearheaded and figureheaded the Latin Branch of this movement, and by doing so, promoted this prison system, correct? You were the shop window of this movement, weren't you? Indeed, again unless I have inaccurate facts, you went along with it and promoted it for about 9 months, didn't you?

Even so, at least you have seen the error and been public enough to announce it, so I admire that, even if the business-cynic in me has half a thought that this is not unconnected with you afterwards" suffering financial consequences" to which you refer. Methinks that freedom often inspires when money talks!

Nonetheless, this is what I have always said:- The business ethic that as analogy, Hilton Hotels will ban anyone who stays at Marriott in 2010 is absolutely absurd, and was always going to come to this point.


Jazz, whoever you be, I applaud and agree entirely.


Merry Christmas and hope for a free and commonsense 2011 to all!

jive2004 Thursday, 23 Dec 2010, 01:30

Stefano you have started a leak which has a potential of becoming a flood.  You have opened the door.

Dancers must put up with a lot,  but everyone has his/her own limits.   You have done what you had to do,

No need to wish you a good luck,  the door is open for you,  and many await you with open arms.



gabiX87 Thursday, 23 Dec 2010, 01:08

Hello Stefano,

very nicely written/said. I agree with you. BUT, there is something I would like to point out ,that you "don't understand at all, a sport without democracy."  My opinion is that the reason why this happened is exactly because of democracy, because we have a (well almost everything) sport system which is ruled by democracy. I don't want to write here how democratic system works, everybody can 'google it' for yourself.  My brief opinion about democracy is ,that it's an egoistic systems. Democrats are egoists also. If people would now really Under-Stand what demo-cracy is all about ,I bet there would be a revolution tomorrow !!

iMars wrote that > "give freedom to the dancers!" 

Do not expect from somebody to give you freedom ,this doesn't make even sense, because you are de facto free, de jure you are NOT. We are giving it away, willingly. There is always a reason why. If you want to be free ,act an think like a free human being. Nobody will give you freedom in this disguised fascist world ! Freedom comes with certain responsibility, what people nowadays don't want any.

The politicians repeatedly sayin' bullshit that I hardly believe they believe. If you want democracy go and VOTE them. I think it's people's fault that things are happening that they don't want. Democracy works for people who are not enough educated and have a lack of knowledge.

I don't want to offend anybody. I also believed before in lots of things , but now I know I was wrong. I did my homework and that's the only way. Do your homework, self-education is the only way.

Don't want from me to tell you what to do or what to think. Know yourself.

"The difference between a Constitutional republic and a democracy is the difference between liberty and slavery."

"Without law there is no freedom"

I felt that I need to share this with you all.



Gabriel Kozsár


P.S. : Imagine this "a true dancer is free not democratic" ! - Me

SpikSpan Thursday, 23 Dec 2010, 00:56


i agree with FIDS...

everybody knows about politics, mafia o other word to say, but finally italian dancers have some guideline correct...

yes , UK, blackpool international are great comps, but i dont think is fare that most of the dancers go to ingland to take several lessons, with the great teachers only the months before the comps, and then, as magic, in those competitions they have a great result....

and after 3 weeks, in a different comp in different location they go back to the crap result...what is this??? did anybody noticed this???


i agree with fids because finally the take the lead and give a guideline on his own athlete, if you agree its ok, if not...change federations..

like stefano says " I am a dancer who strongly believes in the rules of the Olympic sport system", and i think that is very important have a national federation that cares about my carrer, my results and my copetitions....

till now dancesport is not in olympic tournament just because the judging sistem is very corrupt...if u are a good judge, u vote me because i dance good, not because i had lesson with you last week....

maybe nobody agree with me, but i strongly support FIDS decisions....

jazz Thursday, 23 Dec 2010, 00:32

Stefano,  you tell us about  your experience,  and the  action which  you felt you were forced to take. 

You are a well known, and a decorated dancer whom many copy and look up to.

When  the  oppressor  pushes too far, even the small and the weak do  strike back.

If F.I.D.S. ,  and those who share their  methods,   keep on harassing dancers,  as they do of the late,  many dancers shall  follow your  lead,   each departing couple followed by  impressionable, and curious  friends  ready to follow the lead. 

Enough IS ENOUGH  is right.



xyf888 Wednesday, 22 Dec 2010, 22:35

Good on you Stefano. Doing this openly and encouraging others to fight against the disgusting politics is an inspiration. You're doing your share to make the dance world a better place.

Can't wait to see you dancing at the UKs and the internationals.

liero Wednesday, 22 Dec 2010, 22:26

you are right, stefano, i was hoping you will compete at blackpool. This was very bad step from FIDS, whatever are the reasons.

Dokman Wednesday, 22 Dec 2010, 22:05

We think this is a great example and we hope many dancers around the World will follow your lead and stand up  for their  right to dance any competition they choose!!!!!

Both of us look forward to seeing you and all the other great dancers of the World competing at the UK Championships in January.

Best wishes,

Tony and Amanda Dokman

Martijn Wednesday, 22 Dec 2010, 21:13

There is only one thing for me to say in respect to this article: BRAVO Stefano !!!

I hope everyone will read your article and follow the freedom to dance!

think of me Wednesday, 22 Dec 2010, 20:48

Fully in support of  your message and action Stefano. 

 F.I.D.S. certainly  do not give a good example to the World's  dancesport associations, but we know what goes around, comes around !

rezamolavi Wednesday, 22 Dec 2010, 19:10

This Stupid politics is ruining a great competition. 

I say one dance federation, one dance body and free of politics.  At the end, everyone suffers, dancers, fans and yes, the stiff ass organizers and the stupid politicians alike.  stop acting like spoiled children and get along.

Good for you Stefano, best of luck.

jesus Wednesday, 22 Dec 2010, 19:01

We commend you Stefano for your honesty in doing the right thing.
You are not only a great dancer but a man with courage.
This is what true champions are made of and you have the respect that goes with it.

sambatogo Wednesday, 22 Dec 2010, 17:50

A wonderful and respectful way of expressing his heartfelt feelings. He is so right! A fantastic and great Christmas present of example to the dance community. The dance community should empower his words by following his and Olga`s example.

Congratulations Stefano, for being so wise and brave.

djy2g33 Wednesday, 22 Dec 2010, 15:50

So much respect!!!! I hope to see more dancers come forward with such understanding!

killbill Wednesday, 22 Dec 2010, 15:27

I hope that all the dancers will follow Stefano example... so that IDSF and the other political anti-democracy- SHIT will be over... !

onyourtoes Wednesday, 22 Dec 2010, 14:25

Stefano Thank You for your brave words.  You are 100% correct. Some of us have said for some time there has to be a better way.

To pretend dancers have to follow BAD "Rules" is not acceptable in the modern world.


Good Luck in the future.

iMars Wednesday, 22 Dec 2010, 12:49

I couldn't agree more with you Stefano! I've seen you dancing for many years, enjoying every second. Indeed, enough is enough! Stop the political fights and arguments, give freedom to the dancers!

kadlubek Wednesday, 22 Dec 2010, 12:36

bravissimo !!! this is completely true!