Makup - the perfect face

Makup - the perfect face

Posted on Thursday, 21 Feb 2013, 23:38 by admin
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Very often I receive your e-mails and comments about problems with your foundation, so here is the article (and the video below) to solve all of your problems! In this article I'll be talking about creating the perfect face for ballroom dancing, which will also include highlighting and contouring, both very important for the stage appearance.

Always start with a clean face and pull back your hair, then apply your makeup primer using a cosmetic sponge, a foundation brush or your clean fingers. Then start with applying your foundation. I recommend using brushes instead of sponges, but if you're using foundation in a stick, you must first apply it with a sponge and for a better result, blend it well with a flat top kabuki brush. When applying your foundation, don't forget to apply it into your hair line, on and behind your ears and under your neck and on your cleavage. This will eliminate any white spots and balance your face color with your body.

The next step is contouring. The point of contouring is to slim down your face, add dimension, to make your face more structured and defined by darkening and lightening specific areas of your face.


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