Olga Kravchenko is looking for a partner
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Olga Kravchenko is looking for a partner

Posted on Saturday, 27 Apr 2013, 12:24 by admin
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After several months of dancing together for Ukraine Evgen Kornievskyy & Olga Kravchenko came to a difficult decision to end their partnership. Olga said that Evgen has recently informed her that he doesn't want to continue his competitive career so, unfortunately, they had to split up. Their best results include the quarter-finals of the UK Open 2013 Amateur Rising Star Latin and semi-finals of the World Amateur Latin (WDC Amateur League division) at the Kharkiv Mayor’s Cup in 2012. See more results and photos.

Olga would like to express her deep gratitude to their teachers both in Ukraine and in England for their belief, help and cooperation throughout our preparation for Blackpool Dance Festival.

Olga is still very focused on reaching the top and is available for Blackpool try-outs. She can be contacted by email olya-kravchenko@inbox.ru or telephone +380953568650 or +380505267331

Olga Kravchenko

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