Domenico Cannizzaro and Valeria Pittalis dance together

Domenico Cannizzaro and Valeria Pittalis dance together

Posted on Monday, 15 Jul 2013, 22:33 by admin
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We have received an information from Domenico Cannizzaro that he has formed a new partnership with Valeria Pittalis.

Domenico Cannizzaro with his former partner Agnese Junkure were Italian Amateur 10 Dance vice-champions in 2008 and represented Italy at the IDSF European Ten Dance championships where they were 7th. The same year they were finalists of the Amateur Rising Stars Ballroom in Blackpool and finalists of IDSF World Ten Dance Championships. In 2009 they turned Professional and were 4th at WDC World Professional 10 Dance championships. Their last competition was WDSF Professional World 10 Dance in December 2012. See Domenico's profile page.

Domenico writes:

With immense joy, I would like to communicate that I found my new partner: she is an Italian dancer Valeria Pittalis.

For a dance sport athlete, the search for the right partner presents enormous difficulties. To find a female dance partner is easy, however, to find the "ideal female dance partner" is very difficult and it requires of a good amount of luck.

The same goes for when a lady looks for the "ideal partner".

When you both feel that about each other, you can speak of an "ideal couple" because both partners can give the best of themselves, and then produce a very high dance quality.

Often, when looking for a dance partner, the hasty decision (and not only) to dance, leads to poor technique, and inevitably you will get a poor dance quality.

Talent, physical beauty, femininity, love to dance, desire and total availability to study and train, are requirements that, if all present, mean that you are standing in front of your "ideal partner": the partner who all dancers dream of!

For me, it is the first time that I realized this dream TOTALLY, and I feel not only lucky, but also happy because my new partner feels exactly the same: she found in me her "ideal partner". If in addition to the above there is also a great feeling to each other (as it is between me and Valeria - we are happily engaged), you see perfection!

Domenico Cannizzaro e Valeria Pittalis will dance in FIDS and WDSF professional Division in Standard, Latin and 10 Dance. They like to thank in advance all their supporters.

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