5 minutes with Ballroom Champion and designer Morena Colagreco

5 minutes with Ballroom Champion and designer Morena Colagreco

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Ballroom Champion Morena Colagreco brings boutique fashion from the heart of Milan to London with the new inspired by Morena dancewear collection designed exclusively for CHRISANNE....

Morena has spent her career in the forefront of the dance world, and has now taken the world of dance fashion by storm. We spent some time with Morena to find out her inspiration behind this seasons new collection:

What do you think makes your designs so popular?

Morena: We (in collaboration with CHRISANNE) have produced simple yet beautiful designs that are cut and shaped to enhance your shape and are suited for any body type. As a woman and a former competitor I understand that it is important to feel confident on the dance floor, your practice wear should fit perfectly and enhance your best features as you move. You should always feel beautiful when you dance...

How long have you been designing?

Morena: This is my 4th Inspired by Morena dancewear collection with CHRISANNE, but I have been designing for over 25 years, even when I was a competitor, I was always working with CHRISANNE and bringing new ideas about my competition dresses. Today, I even have my own Inspired by Ballroom Couture collection at CHRISANNE which reflects my love for Ballroom fashion.

What was the inspiration behind the new Inspired by Morena dancewear collection?

Morena: I live in Milano the city that lives and breathes fashion. The high-end fashion shows and small fashion boutiques have provided me with the inspiration to create this new exquisite collection, I wanted to bring the beautiful styles from the heart of Milano to London and mix them with the classic styles of Ballroom dance. I am very happy that we can bring these two concepts together and create beautiful styles for dancers.

Have you thought about adding colour to your collection?

Morena: The idea was to keep the collection in black, because black is the best colour for dancers as first of all you can see the movement of the body into the space and secondly because dancers are traveling people...it is always easier to travel with a black garment and easy to clean. To create a dramatic effect we have used a combination of fabrics such as CHRISANNE Luxury Crepe, which is a breathable fabric perfect for practice wear and other fabrics such as CHRISANNE Organza and Georgette and of course the very special Morena Lace for that touch of elegance.

The good news is that now CHRISANNE have introduced a new special order service that allows you to personalize and crystallize each item in the Inspired by Morena range by having it made in a choice of 3 alternative CHRISANNE colours Red, Purple Rain and Midnight Sky; you can also add extra sparkle with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.

What is your favourite piece in the collection?

Morena: oh ... It is very difficult to say, of course I like all the pieces in the collection, if I had to choose I would say the Morena Enchanted Top, because from the front it looks so simple and elegant but as you turn, you see the beautiful Morena Lace extend around to the back into a stylish V shape, which is finished with perfect Satin bows. It’s a simple top with a lot of detail.

You have re-introduced the Morena Ballroom Dress. What makes this so popular amongst Dancers?

Morena: The silhouette of the dress is simple and can look good on different body types. It is very feminine and makes you feel great. The reason this style is so popular is because it can be worn for different occasions for example practice sessions, parties, demonstrations and even competitions. I have seen many dancers wear the Morena Lace Ballroom Dress in competitions; dancers are very creative, they add some crystals and turn a simple dress into a ballroom gown!

What Makes the Inspired by Morena Dancewear different to the Ballroom Dancewear in the Market?

Morena: Good craftsmanship, quality fabrics and the thought that goes into the design. We spend a lot of time choosing the right fabric combinations, designing styles that are durable and comfortable to wear during intense practice sessions, but still make that high fashion statement in terms of style.

How can you see Inspired by Morena evolving in the future?

Morena: I can see the next collections getting better and better....already my brain is working on ideas for the new collection...it never stops!

Which top dancers can you see wearing the Inspired by Morena dancewear range?

Morena: I can see everybody wearing the new collection from Youth, Amateur, Senior and Professional dancers. The style is perfect for any level.

View the full Inspired by Morena dancewear collection at www.chrisanne.com.

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