Emanual Valeri and Tania Kehlet retire from competitions

Emanual Valeri and Tania Kehlet retire from competitions

Posted on Thursday, 24 Nov 2016, 20:51 by admin
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After winning the Professional World Championships within the WDSF federation 2 weeks ago, Emanuel Valeri and Tania Kehlet announced the end of their competitive career. They were several times WDSF World Standard champions, European champion, Danish champions, and since turning Professional in 2014 they became one of the top couples in WDSF Professional Division. See more results. We interviewed them in 2012 after they won the Blackpool Festival - read the interview. They were wonderful competitors and will be solely missed!

Tania and Emanuel issued the following statement:

2016 Professional World Champions! What an overwhelming mix of emotions!!! We are deeply happy, humble and thankful with what we have achieved throughout our career… We are happy and proud about the way we have managed to do everything keeping our morals and beliefs at the absolute maximum… We are happy to have arrived to this point not alone, but looking at all the beautiful people, students and friends that we have managed to bring along with us all the way to this day.

We are happy to announce that yesterday was our last competition. We shall NOT retire from dancing!!! We will keep on doing shows and keep on developing this beautiful art-form in every aspect possible for us… Dancing means living for us and as long as we will keep breathing we will not stop living and dancing… Dancing is what we are and what we will always be…

We wish to say THANK YOU to all of you, our fans... All these years our biggest motivation was always YOU!!!!... We will keep on doing shows and keep on dancing because we love it and because we love you!!! Looking forward to still seeing you all out there. As a very last thing it is important for us to leave a message to all the young dancers out there today…

Wherever you are, wherever you dance and whoever you are… You are in a changing world and it is easy to get mislead or carried away focusing on things which lay outside the actual dancing… Don´t fall in the trap! Your dance life is hopefully long and having your own art and style will help you to go through life with less regrets and more success. Believe in creating good ART! Believe in good dancing, believe in good people, believe in good teachers, believe that by keeping your head down focusing on your job and working hard, you CAN succeed… Even when sometimes it seems impossible trust and believe in your heart that “ DREAMS DO COME TRUE”…

With heartfelt love and respect,

Emanuel and Tania

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