Marek Fiksa and Kinga retire from competitions

Marek Fiksa and Kinga retire from competitions

Posted on Wednesday, 15 Feb 2017, 21:29 by admin
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Former Polish Professional Latin champions Marek Fiksa and Kinga Jurecka-Fiksa decided to retire from competitive career. They were UK Open Professional Rising Star Latin winners in 2014 right after moving to the Professional division. Mark and Kinga were semifinalists of many major international competitions such as UK Open and the International and Blackpool (as Amateurs). They were 5th at the WDC European Latin in 2015. See more results.

Marek and Kinga wrote:

On the 13th of February, it's been 12 years since we danced our first competition together and it is today that we want to announce our retirement from the competitive career.

From the distance of time we can say that we had a lot of luck in finding each other because we are soulmates. The first stage of our common dance path was based on instinct, purely expressing ourselves and sharing the love of dance. The next step was an advanced education. This is when we learnt a solid foundation of technique and mechanics, we gained body awareness, and we understood the basics which enabled us to grow as dancers.

After a few years we came to the next fascinating chapter in which we explored all that we have learnt. We were searching, we've been asking a lot of questions, we were developing on many levels, sometimes we were making mistakes. All these experiences led us to the point, where we realized that we want something more. We started to search for OUR truth, for who we are and what we want to convey. This last year especially we found, what is the most beautiful and most valuable to us in such a unique art form which is ballroom dancing: the ability to dance together, communicating through body movement to music. The courage we found to express ourselves has led us to the most beautiful moments on the dance floor.

Today we are sharing our experience and knowledge with others, we are happy to judge important dance events and assist in the creation of the image on the dance floor. We are still performing.

Thank you Hans, Bryan, Carmen, Colin, Ruud, Richard, Tone, Jukka, Sergey, Melia, Graham, Michał, Mariola, Stanisława, Henryk, Kazimierz, Robert, Stefano, Janek, Irek, Chrisanne Clover, Ray Rose.

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