New partnership of Przemek Lowicki and Nancy Berti

New partnership of Przemek Lowicki and Nancy Berti

Posted on Thursday, 25 May 2017, 12:15 by admin
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Both Przemek Lowicki and Nancy Berti, having been away from the competitive dance floor for the last 4 years, recently decided to combine their careers based on their deep passion and shared experiences in the Latin American dancing. Their desire allows them not to compete against each other, like they used to. They combine their talent and knowledge of this art for future generations of aspiring dancers. They believe in the roots of Latin American dancing and want to create an atmosphere which highlights its origins.

Following the completion of their first and extremely successful performance, Przemek and Nancy began to consider the possibilities that a partnership can bring. This year, at the Blackpool Congress, they will be lecturing about the Caribbean style, it’s evolution and influence on the Competitive Latin American style, including some presently missing aspects as well.

In her competitive career representing Italy, Nancy was involved in events such as: the Italian Pro Latin Championships-winning it, WDC Latin American Show Dance (European Champion and World Finalist), Pro Latin UK champion (Rising Star), and Blackpool Pro Rising Stars vice-champion. She is also a winner, finalist and semifinalist in many top events around Asia, America and Europe, top 6 in the Pro Latin WDC World Ranking and semifinalist in the Open Pro Latin at the Blackpool Dance Festival. She has been a special guest dancer for some VIPs such as Andrea Bocelli in Dancing with the Stars, as well as a coach and choreographer for 2 seasons on the prestigious Italian talent TV show "Amici". Nancy has been both a teacher and coach for many amateur and pro couple dancers in addition to being a WDC International judge.

With 29 years of Latin American dancing under his belt, Przemek holds multiple Polish national championship awards, Rising Stars winner Uk Championships and Rising Stars Blackpool in Pro Latin where he came 2nd. He was also rewarded as Amateur and Professional Winner, Finalist and Semi Finalist of top events across the globe in Asia, North America and Europe. Przemek, like Nancy, has served as a choreographer, WDC judge, mentor and consultant to many top amateur and professional couples across the world. He is well known in the dancing society for his talent and personality.

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