Nikolai Voronovich and Maria Nikolishina retire from competitions

Nikolai Voronovich and Maria Nikolishina retire from competitions

Posted on Wednesday, 06 Sep 2017, 23:37 by paul&gillian
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After 17 years of dancing together, Nikolai Voronovich and Maria Nikolishina, decided to retire from competitive dancing. Nikolai and Maria represented Russia for the first 10 years of their partnership, and from 2010 they became Professionals and started dancing for USA. They were US Professional Latin bronze-medalists last year. See more results.

They wrote: "...looking back we can see what a diverse, emotional and joyful path it was. 17 years filled with unforgettable moments of competitions, lessons, shows, practices. Travels around the world and exploring new countries, cities, cultures , meeting friends and mentors. Getting to know different sides of life. Get through excitement and desperation , tears and laughs, falls and triumphs. We are truly blessed to meet great teacher who was kind and caring beyond our expectations. Who shared with us light of their knowledge, and warmth of their hearts. Who gave us priceless advices, motivate and encourage us. We want to say thank you to all the dancers we shared the floor with. Thank you for been our idols, rivals and friends. We feel immensely happy to belong to this society of dance enthusiasts, people who despite their own success or failure always respect hard work, dedication and good dancing.

[...] Anything worthy takes time to grow. Never give up your beliefs for instant gains. Stay patient , let seeds of good grow within you. Acknowledge and cherish your partners. People you choose to share this path with. Truly, 100% Believe in each other. You can't even imagine what amazing potential hidden in each of you. Always encourage each other to search and unleash it. To become your absolute very best. The person you meant to be."

paul&gillian Friday, 29 Sep 2017, 08:36

We hope you enjoy your next 17 years teaching, travelling and visiting us in Cheam.

Fond regards

Paul & Gillian Cawthorne