Results from 2004 Blackpool Junior Dance Festival - North of England Standard Championships Monday, 12 April 2004
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2004 Blackpool Junior Dance Festival
England - Blackpool Monday, 12 April 2004

North of England Standard Championships Monday, 12 April 2004


1  Kyle Taylor & Jourdan Stone England
2  Kyle Fisher & Kerri Ann Hallbrook England
3  Andrew Escolme & Amy Louise Baker England
4  James Moorcroft & Francesca Constable England
5  Jack Beale & Lucy O'shea England
6  Christopher Jones & Faith Kelly England
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  James Cutler & Anna Matthews England
  Leon Garner & Rebecca Jackson England
  Daniel Power & Amy d'Angelo (aka Ward) England
  Carl Taylor & Florence Edge England
  Steven Woodward & Victoria Edge England


  Daniel Beattie & Grace Reynolds England
  David Ellis & Kate Gregory England
  Jonathan Jones & Hannah Rawbone England
  Craig Jones & Vicky Bissell England
  Tom Parkes & Kerry Dennehy England
  Callam Thomson & Christina Francotte England
  Luke Williams & Louisa Brewis England

Round 1 (top 27)

  Benjamin Atkinson & Lucy Moorcroft England
  Adam Conder & Faye Mcgilligan England
  Daniel Conder & Khrystyna Shubo England
  Bradley Milner & Olivia Bancroft England
  Adam Preece & Hailey Greenley England
  James Spencer & Laura Pesky England
  Ian Whyatt & Hannah Fisher England
  Alexander Whyatt & Kirsty Tate England
  Michael Wilkie & Katie Fahey England
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{5} & {8}

{9} Couple, currently dancing for {10}