Results from British National Dance Championships - British National Senior (Over 35s) Latin Friday, 22 November 2002
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British National Dance Championships
England - Blackpool Thursday, 21 November 2002

British National Senior (Over 35s) Latin Friday, 22 November 2002


1  Sean Madden & Carole Madden England
2  Martyn Long & Elaine Long England
3  Paul David Johnson & Caroline Johnson England
4  Robin Sudell & Marianne Sudell Scotland
5  Steve Witherington & Sue Witherington England
6  Leslie Ma & Cathy Bakewell England
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  John Bristol & Linda Jackson England
  Ian Curson & Jennifer Curson England
  Dough Main & Chrissie Main England
  Steve Reed & Lynne Reed Wales
  Richard Young & Linda Young England


  Paul Barclay & Christine Candler (aka Doucette) England
  Anthony Birchall & Mandy Thompson England
  Steven Bishop & Debra Haffenden England
  Kelvin Bridle & Carole Bridle England
  Dennis Convery & Carol Convery England
  Jim Hillyer & Betty Hillyer England
  George Hobson & Vivian Adams England
  Steve Holes & Tina Holes England
  John Hyam & Jennifer Selmes England
  John Mulrennan & Marie Mulrennan England
  David Skeels & Jane Skeels England
  John West & Linda West England

Round 1 (top 31)

  David Booth & Janice Booth England
  Shaun Brannigan & Linda Williams England
  Stephen Cooper & Marilyn Cooper England
  Michael Fowler & Sandra Fowler England
  Martin Knibbs & Carol Clark England
  Wayne Ryan & Gaynor Ryan England
  Roger Sherfield & Ann Sherfield England
  Ray Stewart & Marilyn Stewart England
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