Results from The Middlands Championships - EADA Amateur Modern Monday, 04 October 2004
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The Middlands Championships
England - Birmingham Monday, 04 October 2004

EADA Amateur Modern Monday, 04 October 2004


1  Warren Boyce & Kristi Boyce England
2  Marco Cavallaro & Joanne Clifton England
3  Christopher Short & Iulia Tutushina England
4  Mairold Millert & Alexandra Hixson England
5  Stephen Arnold & Gemma-louise Arnold England
6  Danny Stowell & Holly Woolcott England
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  Christopher Cannon & Sophie Couper England
  Jamie De Souza & Victoria Bennett England
  James Forman & Hannah Davis England
  Christopher Millward & Sammy Jo Shirley England
  Kevin Munns & Sigita Bakanauskiene (aka Motiejunaite) England
  Alex Sindila & Katie Gleeson England
  Stephen Vincent & Amanda Couper England
  Donald Young & Melanie Young (aka Wentzell) England

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  Steven Brandreth & Debbie Amanda Smith England
  Kyle Fisher & Charlotte Cutler England
  Adam Forman & Louise O'shea England
  Phil Holding & Lee-anne Thorburn England
  Jonathan Luckcuck & Jannine Davies England
  Craig Mann & Deborah Brookes England
  James Moorcroft & Francesca Constable England
  Darren Piercy & Anna Hewson England
  Ian Sharpe & Victoria Lawrence England
  Ben Taylor & Lucy O'shea England
  Duncan Trever & Hannah-louise Annetts England
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{9} Couple, currently dancing for {10}