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Anna Skalaban

Dancer details

Anna is from Byelorussia


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Current partnership

According to our information Anna currently has no partner.

First partnership recorded

Anna's first partnership recorded in our database is with Denis Moryasin. We do not know when they started dancing together for Byelorussia as Junior This partnership ended in 2009 (November). See profile page

Partnerships History

Denis Moryasin
Recorded 4 results in Amateur Ballroom
Recorded 10 results in Amateur Latin
Recorded 10 results in Youth Latin
Recorded 9 results in Youth Ballroom
Recorded 2 results in Youth 10 Dance
Recorded 3 results in Junior 10 Dance
Recorded 15 results in Junior Latin
Recorded 8 results in Junior Ballroom

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? - 01 Nov 2009