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U.S. National Amateur Junior Latin Championship (Provo - March 2008) scandal
Submitted by admin
22 Mar 2008

Following the conclusion of the United States National Amateur DanceSport Championships, held in Provo, Utah March 13-15, 2008 the organizers received documentation which showed that the gentleman partner of the wining couple in the Junior Latin Championship was ineligible for that particular age division.

Consequently, the final results have been revised to be as follows:
1st #555 Taras Savitskyy Liya Podokshik Feasterville, PA
2nd #353 Austin Joson Elizabeth Lakovitskaya East Brunswick, NJ
3rd #382 Kiril Kulish Natella Devitskaya Los Angeles, CA
4th #559 Jordan Seawright Mariana Barros Scottsdale, AZ
5th #427 Devin McClure Lindsay Arnold Lindon, UT
6th #565 Daniel Shapiro Catherine Kovalyova Brooklyn, NY

This specific question had arisen during the championships in Provo, but the information provided at that time by the person in question to the Chairman of Judges did not correspond to what was later received by fax. We apologize for this unfortunate incident, and extend our congratulations to the actual winners of this event: Taras & Liya. (see the full results of US Junior Latin Championships)

We will be sending out separately new medallions for the top three couples that reflect your new placements as the recipients of the Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals.

Sincerely, Lee Wakefield, Co-Organizer

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Craig Shaw and Malin Johansson split
Submitted by admin
19 Mar 2008

Craig Shaw & Malin Johansson have decided to terminate their partnership. It was a mutual decision by both parties. See their profile page. See photos of this couple at photogallery.

Craig has recently turned Professional and is looking for a partner. He is a former North of England Champion, British Under 21, International and UK Open Rising Star finalist, former North American Champion and twice USA representative to the World Championships. See Craig's advert - partner wanted advert - for more information and contact details.

Malin was an Italian Youth 10 Dance champion and finallists of the Italian Youth Standard championships. She was also a bronze medallist of the Swedish Youth 10 Dance and a finallist of Swedish Youth Standard several years ago. She has represented her country at the IDSF World Youth Latin championships.

Agreement of cooperation between IDSF and IPDSC reached
Submitted by admin
16 Mar 2008

The Presidents of IDSF, Mr. Carlos Freitag and IPDSC, Mr. Peter Maxwell, have signed an historic agreement of co-operation for the future of DanceSport.

Following the successful establishment of IPDSC it confirmed its desire to work closely with the IDSF, and IDSF confirmed its support for IPDSC, for the benefit of the members of both organisations and DanceSport in general.

The agreement realises the goal of harmonising relations between IDSF and the DanceSport profession, with each respecting the other's positions, values and worth.

The agreement also opens the way for discussions surrounding matters of vital importance to all parties. The openness and spirit of co-operation between the two bodies bodes well for success.

IDSF and IPDSC are committed to the details of the agreement and are sure that members of the DanceSport community from all countries, activities and levels will be delighted with this key step toward the achievement of the further recognition DanceSport deserves as a major and important international activity.

Carlos Freitag, IDSF President
Peter Maxwell, IPDSC President

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Pavel Stepanchuk and Elijah Piker dance together
Submitted by admin
12 Mar 2008

Pavel Stepanchuk and Elijah Piker have decided to dance together. They will be representing USA. Please see their profile page

With his previous partner, Pavel Stepanchuk was 4th at the USA National Youth Latin in 2005 and 2006, semifinalist at the International Championships 2007 (Youth U21 Latin), were winners of the Ohio Star Ball (Youth Latin 2006 and 2007), placed 26th in the Blackpool Youth Latin Under 21 in 2007, and placed 1st at the Millennium Dancesport 2006 (Youth Latin Superbowl). Elijah Piker has won several National titles with previous partners (Junior and Youth) and represented USA numerous numbers of times in World Championships.

Pavel and Elijah are looking forward to a successful and prosperous dance partnership.

Denis Kasper and Maria Bakumets dance together
Submitted by admin
04 Mar 2008

We have just received an information from that Denis Kasper & Maria Bakumets decided to form a new partnership. They will be representing Russia in Professional ranks. They are planning to dance their firt competiton in Blackpool in May 2008.

Check their profile page for more information about Denis's and Maria's previous partnerships and photos.

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Artem Plakhotniy & Anastasia Kazmina dance together for USA
Submitted by admin
04 Mar 2008

Artem Plakhotniy & Anastasia Kazmina will dance together. They will be representing USA in Professional Ballroom and be based in Arizona.

Artem was representing USA with his previous partners for the last two years and was bronze medallist of the National Professional Rising Stars Standard. With Anna Tverdohleb he represented Ukraine and they were the Ukrainian Amateur vice-champions in 10 dance and bronze medallists in Ballroom. See Artem's dancer profile page.

Anastasia was representing Russia and was finalist of many national and international competitions in Amateur and with previous partner Dmitry Bulanov, was in the top 50 couples in the IDSF World Ranking List Standard. See Anastasia's dancer profile page.

Markus Homm and Ksenia Kasper dance together
Submitted by admin
29 Feb 2008

Markus Homm just let us know that Markus Homm and Ksenia Kasper will be dancing together. They will represent Germany in the Professional Latin category. They are planning to first apprear on the floor in Blackpool in May 2008. See their profile page.

Markus split with Elena Kalugina last year after 2 years of dancing together. One of their best achievements was the bronze medal at the German Professional Latin. Other good results includes the 8th place at the WDC World Professional Latin last year and 3rd place at the UK Open and German Open 2006. Before Elena Markus danced with, between others, Charlotte Egstrand and Agnieszka Melnicka (Melia). See Markus profile and history

Ksenia danced with Denis Kasper for many years. One of their best results in Professionals was the 4th place at the Russian Professional Latin Championships. See Ksenia's profile for full information

Frederik Lund & Cecilie Sejerbo split
Submitted by admin
28 Feb 2008

One of Denmark's most talented young 10 dance couples – Frederik Lund & Cecilie Sejerbo - have decided to end their promising and successful partnership. They have danced for over one year together. Last year they have been the national vice-champions in Junior II 10 Dance and Latin championships. They have also represented their country at the IDSF World Junior II Latin championships where they ended up on the 17th place

See more results of this couple and photos in their photo gallery. Showing photo of Cecilie and Frederik by Janis A.Elbrets from IDSF World Junior II Latin in Riga, Latvia last December.

Both dancers are now looking for new partners

Moyra Smith has passed away
Submitted by admin
19 Feb 2008

We have just received a following message from Carolyn and Don Smith:

My mother Moyra Smith has passed away on Friday morning of COPD, in London. Moyra is known all around the world, for her kindness and helping all couples who were in need for the past 27 years. If anyone needs to contact us: 21 Pretoria Road, Streatham, SW16 6RR, London. +39335304086 or +442086776446.

Dmitriy Pugachev & Ulyana Fomenko split
Submitted by admin
14 Feb 2008

Dmitriy Pugachev & Ulyana Fomenko from Russia decided to end their partnership after 4.5 years together. They were the Russian 10 Dance bronze medallists, IDSF East European 10 Dance champions, former IDSF World Youth 10 Dance champions and Russian champions in this category. They have also competed successfully in other important international competitions such as Blackpool, German Open, Austrian Open. See more results of this couple and their gallery of photos.

Dmitriy has already formed a new couple with Ekaterina Vaganova who represented Italy with Andrea De Angelis before.

This information comes from

Mr Bill Irvine MBE died...
Submitted by admin
14 Feb 2008

All in the danceworld will be saddened to learn that Mr Bill Irvine MBE passed away yesterday. The legend has died.

Mr William Irvine MBE

Bill Irvine successfully passed his first Associate exam on 12th December 1948 in Glasgow and was examined by Malcolm Stewart (a formidable examiner). Following a move to South Africa, Charles Thiebault examined Bill Irvine for his Fellowship in December 1952. A return to England in 1959 to study competitive dancing at a higher level was only intended to last three months.

However, Alex Moore, at that time Chairman of the Ballroom Branch, asked Bill Irvine to stay longer in order to dance in Berlin at the 1960 World Championships.

Bill Irvine and his wife, Bobbie, won the competition, and have remained in England ever since. Between 1960 and 1968, Bill and Bobbie Irvine won 13 world titles. The 1968 World Championships were held at the Albert Hall in London. On the same day the Irvine's won both the Ballroom and Latin American world titles. This has been registered in the Guinness Book of Records ever since.

After being appointed a dual examiner, Mr Irvine was nominated for the Ballroom Branch Committee (now the Modern Ballroom Faculty Committee). In 1976, on the retirement of Alex Moore as Chairman of the Branch, Bill Irvine was voted the successor to the position. He held this post until 1992. He was also Chairman of the Ballroom Faculties Board (which is now the Imperial Dance & Dance Sport Faculties Board) for the same length of time.

In 1967, both Bill and Bobbie Irvine were awarded the MBE for services to dancing. This was the first time Ballroom Dance had been so recognised. Bill received the Imperial Award in 1986. On the death of Diana Barker, he was honoured by being made Vice-President of the ISTD.

[above information taken from]

Pasquale La Rocca and Veronica D'Asti dance together
Submitted by admin
13 Feb 2008

Pasquale La Rocca and Veronica D'Asti decided to dance together after both recently splitting from previous partners. They will represent Italy in Amateur age category. Pasquale, dancing with previous partner Marika Fondi, represented Italy at the IDSF Youth World Latin n 2007 where they were 7th. They were also the silver medallists of the Italian Youth Latin championships last year. See Pasquale's profile page to check more results and history of partnerships.

Veronica danced with Domenico Palmisano two years and they've split about a month ago. One of their best results was the semi-final of the Italian Youth Latin championships in 2007. See more in Veronica's profile page.

Thanks to Emporio Danza for letting us know. We wish all the best to the new couple!

Christopher Short and Dominika Choroszko split
Submitted by admin
13 Feb 2008

After nearly 2.5 years of dancing together Christopher Short & Dominika Choroszko decided to terminate their partnership. They represented England in Amateur Standard and were the British National finalists. They were also the semi-finalists in the International Championships 2007 and were placed 16th in British Open in Blackpool. See more results of this couple and photogallery.

Dominika is now looking for new partner - please check her Partner Wanted advert for more details and contact information.

Alex Zampierollo and Yulia Podshivalova split
Submitted by admin
12 Feb 2008

After nerly 2 years dancing together Alex Zampierollo & Yulia Podshivalova. They've represented Italy as Amateurs. One of their best results was the 4th place at the Italian Amateur Latin championships and the 2nd place at the UK Open, Amateur Rising Stars Latin in 2006. See their results page and the photogallery.

Alex is looking for a partner now. Please check his Partner Wanted advert for contact information

Albert Akopian and Natalya Abramova split
Submitted by admin
07 Feb 2008

Albert Akopian and Natalya Abramova just let us know abouth their split after two years dancing together. They've represented Armenia and were two times champions of their country in Amateur Latin category. Please see more results. See more photos

Both Albert and Natalya live in Moscow and train there. They would like to thank their families, teachers and friends for all the support. Natalya now is looking for a partner. She can be contacted by email

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