BATD English Championships 2009
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BATD English Championships 2009

BATD English Championships 2009

England - Frimley Green

Monday, 04 May 2009

This competition is a part of BATD English Championship

Lakeside Country Club
Frimley Green, Surre,

Organised by:
British Assocition of teachers of Dancing
Banstead, Surrey, SMý 1RW
c/o Mr Malcolm Viccaars

Amateur Ballroom Amateur Ballroom 04 May 2009
Junior Ballroom Junior Ballroom 04 May 2009
Professional Ballroom Professional Ballroom 04 May 2009
Senior Ballroom Senior Ballroom 04 May 2009
Youth Ballroom Youth Ballroom 04 May 2009
Amateur Latin Amateur Latin 04 May 2009
Junior Latin Junior Latin 04 May 2009
Professional Latin Professional Latin 04 May 2009
Senior Latin Senior Latin 04 May 2009
Youth Latin Youth Latin 04 May 2009